Picture Your Life : Drop Shipping

How Drop Shippping Works?
Please take a look at image below, see how Picture Your Life as a dropshipper works:

Here are the flash demo videos to show you how to place reseller drop shipping orders:

Reseller-01, How to get a FREE personalized mousepad exclusive offer for resellers? The coupon code for FREE mousepads was shown inside this demo.
Reseller-02, How to place Reseller Bulk Order (multiple addresses)?
Reseller-03, How to get our dropship system and eBay/Paypal processing faster?
Reseller-04, How to add different sections and sub-sections?
Reseller-05, How to add some certain products into certain sections?
Reseller-06, How to move products from A Section to B Section?
Reseller-07, How to do BULK ADD products to your store?
Reseller-08, How to customize the invoice header and footer?

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